Brussels, 14 August 2017 – This year, Brussels Bad was offering a new  attraction on the site. The challenge of this new set up was successfully carried out.

Everybody loved the new set up.

The « BRIDGE » changed the dynamic of the event. It offered the possibility to switch from a dock to another in order to discover the Left Dock and also to take tons of selfies !

As soon as they entered the site, people would feel a summary vibe, away from the car noises and the effervescence of the city. Families, kids, co-workers and friends were all enjoying their time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Even though the sun wasn’t always there, a very diverse crowd showed their interest in the different activities : latino dances on the Twist stage,  the festival Let It Beach, the open-air cinema, the relaxation areas,  the library, the aquatic activities,  the petanque ground, the coloured terraces, and the smile of the merchants…

This year, you could also find new animations like : the second Swing stage with bollywood dances, lindy hop, hip hop and also Taï Chi and Yoga.

Archipel, the new concept of Brussels Beach, was one of the main focus of the nightlife where 14.000 people gathered around about 100 local and international artists for a total of 16 nights.

About 70 students worked at Brussels Beach this year.

All the 39 merchants offered fresh food and drinks and a few concerts.

On social media, numbers increased a lot ! The Facebook page has now more than 24.000 followers. The website had more than 85.000 views and 60.000 users.

Brussels Beach 2017 was a huge success and showed the importance of events for the economy of the Capital.

Brussels Beach was, as every summer, the meeting place of different cultures, colours and new trends. Diversity, the greatest asset of the Capital of Europe, was of course the best part of this unique event !

« The Brussels Beach team successfully carried out the challenge with the new set ups. The bridge was a real success. Brussels Beach is over, but the City of Brussels and the ogranizers will be back next year, from July 6th to August 12th » said Philippe Close, the Mayor of the City of Brussels and Karine Lalieux, deputy burgomaster of the Tourism of the City of Brussels.

We would like to thank our partners that were a huge help to make it all happen.


 CONTACT: Organisation : Marina Bresciani, Brussels Major Events -, 0478/22.61.59